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We are committed to creating a positive dance experience.

Chris Irving, Parent

11 years ago, I enrolled my 6 year old daughter Dyani into Dance Connections.  The following year I enrolled my 8 year daughter Cameron, although she had been enrolled in another dance program - I couldn’t help but  place her with Mrs. Gricel after experiencing her phenomenal dance programs and great dance education. I can’t say enough about what Dance Connections and Mrs. Gricel’s programs have done for both my girls. But for Cameron it was a saving grace. I don’t think anyone knew that Cameron suffered from Tourettes syndrome. My girls were made to feel welcome and loved unlike other dance studios. This loving and kind environment helped Cameron open up. Dance has helped her learn how to control her ticks. If not for the Dance Connections family, I’m not sure if Cameron would be in the person she is today: a beautiful, courageous, artistic, strong, talented dancer.

Thank you, Mrs. Gricel, for nurturing my girl’s inner beauty, confidence and uniqueness and for all you

still do for our community.


Simone Araj, Parent

For the last 8 years, my daughter has been attending Dance Connections. From the very start we fell in love with this dance studio and how it works. She has been able to make friends, dance her heart, and grow as a dancer. Mrs. Gricel is a wonderful teacher who teaches a variety of classes and levels. Anyone who is interested in dance will find a class here they will love.

Susan Lepore, Parent

We have been a part of the Dance Connections family for 14 years! My daughter has developed into a skillful  dancer but more importantly to me , she has developed discipline, a sense of commitment, close friendships (me too!), and confidence!  I only wish she could stay past her senior year!!!  

Christine Bisl, Parent

My daughters have danced at Dance Connections for many years and are truly part of a wonderful dance family led by Gricel and Mike. The knowledgeable and talented teachers have provided exciting weekly dance classes along with many opportunities to attend dance conventions and classes in NYC. My daughters have grown as dancers and have gained

confidence that they will carry with them throughout life.

Mary Jo Murray, Parent

If you’re looking for a dance company for your kids, I highly recommend Dance Connections.  Their instruction is top notch.  Miss Tara dances professionally with many famous performers, most notably Jennifer Lopez.  It’s so exciting to see her on TV.  We also love Miss Ashley’s tap class. It’s amazing how quickly my daughter picked it up. Gricel, Mike and the entire team at Dance Connections are more than just a dance company. They truly love our kids and want what’s best for them. Their kindness is prevalent with number of kids who have been there their entire school life.  This dance company has been some of the most fond memories of my daughter’s childhood. From the daily practices to the competitions, we have thoroughly enjoyed these experiences. My daughter danced with this company for 10 years and would continue to but we have moved out of the area.  

Cassandra Bulkley, Alum '12

Dance connections was my second home for the six years I danced there. While I was there, I grew tremendously as a dancer because of the training and professional technique taught by the teachers. Gricel gave me the drive and determination to challange myself in areas that I struggled with. The knowledge and respect I was given by her really changed my outlook on dance as well as life. Going to dance class was a time that I enjoyed and I owe it all to her.  It not only became a place to dance but it became my family, and  I am very honored and thankful to be one of the original alumni of Dance Connections.

Lisa Orneck, Parent

My daughter Samantha has been going to Dance Connections since 2006, when she was only 3 years old.  My 3 boys joined gymnastics and hip hop shortly after. Watching all of my kids on stage for the yearly recitals always brought happy tears to my eyes. Watching Samantha as the young ballerina at the age of 3 to the young lady she has become on Pointe are memories I will never forget.  Samantha has learned so much from Gricel and her daughters, Tara and Ashley over the years. The gymnastics teachers are great; here at Dance Connections you will learn it all. We realized long ago that we had not only found a remarkable group of people who had a passion for teaching dance , but more of a family. Dance Connections has definitely been one of the best decisions I have made for my family. 

Laura Darcy, Parent

As a mom that has been with Dance Connections for 14 years now, I can say I wouldn’t want either of my daughters anywhere else. This dance school teaches young girls how to embrace who they are and be confident in everything they do, not just dance. I have never met a more caring and talented group of people than the Vecchio family, I wouldn’t want my daughters to learn from anyone else. My oldest basically lives at the dance school because she loves it so much, and my youngest makes so many friends from dance. The lessons they learn at Dance Connections will stay with them for years to come. “No matter what happens, just keep dancing” my oldest always repeats from Mrs. Gricel. And I know she applies that to more than just the dance floor. Dance Connections is not just a school to my girls, it’s their home and their family.


Cheryl Hodany, Parent

My daughter just began her 9th year at Dance Connections. I am extremely pleased with the level of instruction, the variety of classes offered, the opportunity for advancement through workshops and conventions, and the bonds she has created with her dance family. I highly recommend Dance Connections! 

Holly Covart, Parent

Dance Connections has been our dance family for 7 years now. Our eldest daughter, now 10 years old, is entering competitive dance for the second time, and exceeding our expectations year after year. We thank Miss Gricel and Miss Tara for instilling her technique and confidence. We are lucky to be a part of a dance school with an earnest passion for dance, and introducing unique opportunities to the kids of this school.

Lisa Pagano, Parent

We were welcomed into Dance Connections with open arms. Gricel and Mike are simply wonderful as are all of the professional instructors. Dance Connections is more then a dance school, it’s a dance family! Each year I watch my daughter grow as a dancer all thanks to the hard work and dedication from only the best! The recitals are phenomenal! I truly look forward to seeing all the different styles of dance come together. Whether you're a beginner or advanced dancer, Dance Connections has it all!

Nancy Wasileski, Parent

Dance Connections has been a prominent member of our community for over 15 years. Their programs offer ballet, tap, pointe, lyrical, contemporary, hiphop, theater, jazz and gymnastics . Gricel's leadership abilities are nothing short of phenomenal and her passion for dance has been instilled in her students.

My daughter is starting her tenth year as a dancer. I have watched her grow physically and socially. Her classes are creative and have given her positive confidence and athletic ability.  I would highly recommend Dance Connections they are very dedicated to the students and their families.

Christina Mullen, Parent

Sophia is starting her 8th year at Dance Connections. She truly enjoys everything about this studio. From the gentle teaching of the instructors to the variety of classes it has to offer. Sophia has continued steady growth in a stress free atmosphere. The recital is amazing and very professional.  This studio is exactly what I want for my daughter.

Jennifer Annette, Parent

My daughter, Amanda Bella Annette, started to learn how to dance at Dance Connections in 2008 when she was only 4 and a half years old. After all the love and leadership of Gricel through the years and her daughters, Ashley  and Tara, it is bitter sweet to say that this is Amanda's last year and she will miss them all greatly. We will recommend them anytime. They are such a great school and dance family.


Beth Callen, Parent

We just love Dance Connections. My daughter, Riley is entering her 4th year dancing in the Ballet/Jazz class. She just loves coming to dance every week. She has learned so much and Miss Gricel is just an amazing teacher. She is such a wonderful and sweet lady and we love what she offers to the community. We love coming to the recitals every year and seeing all the amazing talent the dancers have. I also wanted to share that the birthday parties Miss Gricel does for the girls are fantastic as well!!! We did a dance party for Riley last year and it was so much fun for the girls and so affordable!! All the girls seems to have a blast. They learned how to stretch, they learned a new dance taught by Miss Gricel, and they did a cute craft. I am also a Brownie GS Troop leader and this year our troop voted to do a dance party (just like a birthday party) to celebrate their GS cookie earnings. Miss Gricel did such an amazing job helping the girls learn about dance and they had such a good time earning their dance badge. Thank you so much for so many wonderful experiences!!

Dina Williams, Parent

Dance Connections is a wonderful environment for any child interested in dance! Our daughter has enjoyed 12 years of learning under Gricel and has developed a true love of dance. We couldn’t be happier with the Dance Connections family!

Janelle Rhule, Parent

There is not enough that I can say about Dance Connections! Gricel and her instructors are an inspiration. Not only are they knowledgeable about dance, but they pass their love of dance to their students in such a positive way. My daughter has continued to grow as a dancer and is happy doing so. 

Cristina Seidel, Parent

My daughter has been dancing with Miss Gricel since the age of 3. She is now 11 and has turned into a beautiful dancer. Gricel was so good with her as a child, very patient and really has worked on her technique over the last 8 years. We All have become a family at Dance Connections. Such great people, the Vecchio family.

Audrey DeSarcus, Parent

Dance Connections is not just a dance school, it is a dance family.
Watching talented students dance and help the teachers year after year until they leave for college is a testimony to the Vecchio family.
Gricel and her team are amazing through their professionalism, patience and creative classes. The kids are having a great time while learning dance and gymnastics techniques and finding the confidence to express themselves.
We joined Dance Connections 7 years ago and looking forward for many more years with our 3 children.

Charlene Andres, Parent

2019-2020 is my two (8 and 11) girls 3rd year at Dance Connections. They both started with just one class, now in just three years they have both added another class because they love it so much. Dance Connections is like a dance family - all the moms get a long great and Gricel and Tara are phenomenal dance instructors. I love how Gricel never yells at them for not getting it, she just keeps going and lets them get it at their own pace. My girls have grown so much in just the three years they have been going and I couldn’t be more pleased with the little family we have built in this dance studio. I absolutely love watching them dance. Thank You Gricel and Dance Connections for all you do and showing so much love and patience for our kids.

Svetlana Tamam, Parent

All three of my daughters have been involved with Dance Connections since the studio opened, so this is our fourteenth year! My oldest graduated in 2011 and my two younger high schoolers continue to dance. Each of my three girls have taken multiple classes spanning a variety of styles of dance. Dance has become a wonderful outlet that the girls look forward to each week. They have learned a lot over the years, not just about dance, but also about responsibility, friendship, teamwork, and so much more. As a mom, I have truly enjoyed watching my daughters develop- both as dancers and as people- at this studio. Being part of the Dance Connections family year after year has always been a wonderful experience and we wouldn’t go anywhere else or have it any other way!

Wendy Robinson, Parent

My daughter was 4 when she started to dance.  The patience Gricel at Dance Connection has for the girls as they learn to dance so young, to where my daughter is  now at 11, is beyond words for me to describe.  My daughter has learned so much from this school not only from Gricel but from all her amazing teachers.  They offer workshops and many experiences she will never forget.  Joining this dance family is one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Athina Krassas, Parent

We highly recommend Dance Connections!  The instructors love what they do and are very talented.  They are caring, dedicated and adored by their students.  They provide a warm and fun learning environment.  My daughter, age 16, loves her teachers and her classes.  They are professional and very well organized.  The choreography and shows are great and full of energy!  Great place for every child.

Lauren Shannon, Parent

We love coming to Dance Connections! We have been coming here since we moved to the area 4 years ago. Ms. Gricel is so patient, loving, kind, and dedicated. She listens to the students, and makes them feel a part of the decision making. For us, Dance Connections feels like a second home, a second family. The dance families support and help each other out. It has such a great atmosphere. We love coming here.

“I love Ms. Gricel!  She is so much fun!”
~ Natalie Shannon (dancer, age 8)

“ I love dancing with Ms. Gricel! She makes me want to do better every dance class! I love the music we dance to, and the dance moves.”
~ Caleigh Shannon (dancer, age 10)

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